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Young Gymnast


Here you will find our club's passionate team of Coaches and Welfare Officers with their most relevant gymnastics coaching qualification listed next to their names. 'GG' refers to general gymnastics, 'MAG' refers to men's artistic gymnastics and 'WAG' refers to the women's artistic gymnastics discipline. As you will see a large section of coaches are ex-gymnasts from the club demonstrating their dedication and passion not only for the sport of gymnastics but for the family at  Idsall Gymnastics Club.


Katie Hulme (Level 2 WAG)

Head Coach and Manager


Katie has been with club since the age of 10 where she developed under the coaching of Liz and Helen becoming the first gymnast in the club to medal in a Women's Artistic competition. During her final competitive years Katie became one of the first 'Young Helpers' along with Chinique and Lewis.  After successfully completing her Level 2 award Katie took over the club as Head Coach in 2012 from Helen.  


Dave Hulme

(Level 2 WAG & GG)

Coach and Manager


Dave started as a volunteer parent helper within the boys section of the club.  He developed his knowledge and coaching abilities and now is a full time coach helping his daughter Katie to manage the club.


Saskia Morris (Level 2 WAG)


Saskia has been with the club since the age of 6 and continued with competitive gymnastics until the second year of college as well as becoming a coach. Recently she has completed her Level 2 award in coaching and started a Gymfusion section of the club.


Millie Lea (Level 1 WAG)


Millie joined the club later in her gymnastic career entering several competitions. She has since become one of the coaches and is responsible for our younger development gymnasts and several recreational classes..

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Young Helpers

We have several Young Helpers who are our more senior gymnasts and provide our younger children with their experience and guidance by assisting the senior coaches in maintaining the focus and concentration of gymnasts. Without these committed team members the coaches job would be considerable more difficult! Many thanks for your help and dedication!

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Welfare Officer - Christina Hawes

Christina Hawes is a volunteer and has a child within the competitive section of the club.

Christina is the Point of Contact, for all members, on any Welfare issues and can be approached about any other issues. Christina is available on a Saturday afternoon and Wednesday evening.  


You can also contact her on the following email: and via Katie or Dave who will be able to provide a phone number.

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