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How do I pay for classes?
We suggest you pay online through your bank.  This ensures security of your money and allows for traceability of any payment. Our bank details are provide in the letter we gave you on your first session.


What should my child wear for class?

The majority of our gymnasts wear leotards; crop tops and shorts (no loose ties or cords);barefoot with long hair tied neatly back off the face. Initially, all gymnasts need to ensure their clothing is close fitting.  A drink in a suitable bottle to leave in the changing rooms or lockers- this should contain water only. 

Please view the 'Dress Safety Statement'.  This is available to download on our Guidelines and Policies Tab.  


Are your classes insured?

All gymnasts and coaches are insured through their membership of British Gymnastics.  For gymnasts, it is the responsibility of their parents to take appropriate membership for their child. You can do this at . We will advise you of the correct membership class that is required for your child.


What are your term dates?

We train for 48 weeks a year; having a two week break over the Christmas period and in the school summer holidays; additionally we don't train over the Easter weekend (Good Friday to Bank Holiday Monday.) 

What rules does my son/daughter need to follow?

All our rules and guidelines follow the guidance given to us by British Gymnastics.  We would like all our parents to ensure they understand and read the relevant policies which are located under the 'Guidelines and Policies' tab.  

Are your coaches qualified?
All coaches are qualified through British Gymnastics in different gymnastics disciplines to a different levels.  Each coach will deliver gymnastics lessons that are appropriate to their qualification level.
Can we still join your classes after the term has started?

We will offer you a place from our waiting list when a space becomes available. 


Can parents watch?

We only have limited space available but we do allow parents to stay and watch.  We only ask that you respect the gym, remove outdoor shoes, and, ensure any additional children do not encroach into the gymnastics area.


What is your ratio of children to coaches?

We follow British Gymnastics guidelines and at present we try to keep each group size to a maximum of 8 children, but this may change depending on the skill level of the gymnasts and the skills being taught.

Will my child need any special equipment?

We recommend that all gymnasts have hand guards and chalk for the A bars, especially when they are in a development or competitive squad. These will help to prevent rips and tears on the palms when using the A bars.  We also suggest that you get gloves and loops for the shiny bar, however this is not a necessity. Please talk to your coach before purchasing any of these items of equipment.

There are several sites you can obtain these from.  These are just two some of our gymnasts have used before.

Where can I buy the club leotard?
The club competition leotard is a ‘bespoke’ competition leotard, manufactured by local company Darcey .  These leotards are only meant for occasional use so please follow the suggestions on the website. We don’t hold any stock and will only order in batches so please let us know if you’d like to purchase one.


We have just introduced some new 'Club Team Wear', four different colours of a training leotard and other types of merchandise.  If you wish to purchase any of this please go to the club Merchandise page or talk to Katie .  

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